Preparing for Your Colonoscopy

In the interest of providing among the best colorectal care available, the doctors at the Colorectal Center Los Angeles take their time to ensure each patient is thoroughly prepared for a colonoscopy. Patient preparation helps ensure that the procedure is smooth, comfortable and effective. During the days and weeks prior to the colonoscopy, our office is fully available to answer any questions concerning how to prepare for a colonoscopy.

While we provide a thorough list of guidelines directly to our colonoscopy patients, we have also included a general overview below to provide an idea of what will be expected.

Colonoscopy preparation:

  • Bowel cleanse. A bowel cleanse generally takes one to three days of preparation. During this time, each patient will have specific instructions according to his or her exact body type. While this bowel cleanse varies from patient to patient, it usually includes some food and liquid restrictions. An enema may also be included to ensure the colon is completely clean.
  • Ride arrangement following the colonoscopy. Due to the use of anesthesia during a colonoscopy, patients are not permitted to drive for 24 hours after the procedure. We ask that our patients get a friend or family member to help them get home.
  • Full discussion with the doctor. Understanding a colonoscopy helps most patients get peace of mind regarding the procedure. Our board certified colorectal experts take all the time necessary to give our patients every bit of data they need before undergoing a colonoscopy.

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To find out more about colonoscopies or to schedule an appointment, please call the Colonoscopy Center Los Angeles and one of our representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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