Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening Los Angeles

Cancer screening has become one of the most effective prevention methods for the onset of cancer. In fact, the number of deaths caused by cancer has dropped significantly since screening methods were introduced. Since cancer is a progressive disease, it is most treatable during its early stages. For this reason, patients at risk for colorectal cancer are encouraged to receive regular colorectal cancer screenings so any early signs of cancer can be nipped in the bud. At the Colorectal Center Los Angeles, we offer the complete array of colorectal cancer screening methods.

Screening methods

As a treatment center for all colorectal issues, the Colorectal Center Los Angeles would not be complete without all current tools and techniques for colorectal cancer screening. From non-invasive imaging services to comprehensive colonoscopies, our board certified colorectal surgeons deliver treatment that will tell us everything we need to know about the state of your colorectal health. So if you're looking for a state-of-the-art and comprehensive colorectal cancer screening in Los Angeles, we can offer you just that.

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Polyp removal

A polyp is a small growth that can form on mucous membranes within the body, such as the colon. In the colon, polyps are frequently benign but may turn malignant (cancerous). A thorough colorectal cancer screening at the Colorectal Center Los Angeles is essential to detecting polyps, allowing us to catch a potentially cancerous situation before it develops into a problem.

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Colon biopsy

When a colonoscopy reveals that the colon contains no polyps, it unfortunately does not rule out the potential of colon cancer. Our colorectal surgeons may perform a colon biopsy, which is the extraction of a small part of colon tissue for lab examination. A colon biopsy allows for total diagnosis of almost any colorectal condition, giving us the certainty to move forward with treatment.

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