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A polyp is a small growth that can be flat or have a stalk. Polyps can form on mucous membranes within the body, such as the colon. In the colon, polyps are frequently benign but may turn malignant (cancerous). Colonoscopies are essential in detecting polyps, allowing a surgeon to catch potentially cancerous situations before it develops into a great problem.

Polyps are a precursor to cancer. Almost all cancers start out as a polyp which can then progress into cancer. However, not all polyps will turn into cancer. Once removed from the body, the polyp tissue will be sent to a certified pathologist for review. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer. All men and women should have a colonoscopy as a preventative measure.

It is important for any patient to know that polyps are typically so small that symptoms may not be present until they are larger and possibly with a greater risk of cancer. Thus getting a preventive colonoscopy that can remove small and forming polyps is an essential part of routine health checks. Individuals can get a colonoscopy for this purpose at anytime, but after the age of 50, it is essential that individuals get a regular check on this. For African Americans, it is recommended to start routine checks at the age of 45. The only other thing to consider is if one has a family history of colon cancer.

The advantage of a colonoscopy over other colorectal screening methods is that it can also be used to eliminate individual polyps, should they be found during the procedure. This eradicates the need for separate diagnostic and treatment procedures, since a colonoscopy can be used to achieve both.

At the Colorectal Center Los Angeles, colorectal polyps are removed using the snare method. This is a tool that is placed on the end of the colonoscope that is used to remove polyps at the base of the stalk, eliminating any further effects they may cause. The snare can simultaneously cauterize the site of the polyp, minimizing any subsequent bleeding.

Polyp removal at the Colorectal Center Los Angeles is a very common procedure, and our doctors are absolute experts. Should you have any questions before the procedure, we will work with you to ensure you are totally at ease going into the colonoscopy. At the Colorectal Center Los Angeles, our goal is to provide patients with the best colonoscopy Los Angeles offers, and we do this through full patient education and thorough, effective treatment.

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