Free Insurance Verification

Because a colonoscopy is a necessary and non-elective procedure, it is covered by most major insurance plans. Additionally, any subsequent surgery or treatment is likely covered as well.

The insurance experts at the Colorectal Center Los Angeles will assist you to verify your insurance and get your treatment underway. Please contact our offices to begin your insurance approval process immediately.

Insurance and Medicare coverage

The Colorectal Center Los Angeles accepts most PPO insurances in addition to Medicare insurance holders. We understand that insurance can be complex. Because you already have the difficult job of undergoing treatment, we’ve taken the complexities out of your hands. All we need is your insurance information and we’ll take it from there, often delivering your colonoscopy with little or no direct cost to you.

As a primary step, call our office for a free insurance verification. During this call, we will receive your insurance information, at which point our billing department can call your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

Patients Without Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance but still require a colonoscopy, our office is ready to accommodate. We unfortunately do not offer a free clinic, but we’ve done everything possible to lower your cost of healthcare at our office. Please give our office a call to find out more.

What are the costs involved in a colonoscopy?

As a point of patient education, we’ve provided you with the exact fees involved in a colonoscopy. Each cost is separate and can be quoted during your initial consultation. These costs are:

  • Colonoscopy fee, which is the fee paid to the gastroenterologist for delivering the colonoscopy.
  • Facility fee, which is paid to the Colonoscopy Center itself for use of its facilities, including the operating room.
  • Anesthesia fee, which covers the anesthesia aspect of your colonoscopy. This is considered to be a separate procedure from the colonoscopy itself.

Insurance Verification Online

Just fill out the form, and click submit. We will do our best to contact you within 48 hours with your verification results.

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