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About Colonoscopy

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The colon, also known as the large intestine, is the final part of the human digestive system. There are various conditions that require examination of the colon, which is done using a procedure called a colonoscopy.

A colonoscopy is the insertion of a long, flexible tube into the rectum and through the course of the entire colon. This tube, called a colonoscope, has a tiny camera on the end that is used for examination purposes. A colonoscopy can reveal a number of conditions, including irritated or swollen tissue, ulcers, and polyps. Early detection of these conditions can contribute to a swift and complete recovery.

A colonoscopy is a very important procedure, as it can also detect the potential onset of colon or rectal cancer. Just as with other colorectal conditions, colon cancer is best treated as soon as possible to stop the progression and to manage symptoms. To find out if you should be screened for colon cancer, please visit our page on colon cancer to find out more. You can also call our office and speak with one of our representatives to learn more about the best colonoscopy Los Angeles has to offer.

Do I Need a Colonoscopy?

When it comes to receiving colonoscopies, there are several basic guidelines that every patient should know.

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Preparing For Your Colonoscopy

There is substantial preparation required for a gastroenterologist to perform a proper examination of the colon.

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During Your Colonoscopy

At the Colorectal Center Los Angeles, our specialists are equipped with all necessary equipment to perform a thorough, effective colonoscopy.

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After Your Colonoscopy

Following the colonoscopy, there are several factors to consider. Each of these, if extant, will require some sort of attention, although it may be minor.

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